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Better, Superman or Batman

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At one point in most of people’s childhoods, a debate or two were sparked as to which superhero is better, Superman or Batman (except maybe the millennials, who grew up not knowing what comic books are and only knew superheroes via 3D movies). No definite answer exists, of course, because both arguments can become valid depending on how you look at it.

It turns out, that mini-debate was a prelude to the adult world. It sorts of defines your character in life based on who you choose. And yes, even in the world of B2B content marketing and lead generation, it fits: Are you a Superman or a Batman type of blogger?

Find out:

Super-blogger, up, up and away

Superman is the total embodiment of a superhero – super strength, x-ray and heat vision, and of course, the ability to fly. His only weakness is kryptonite, and other than that, he’s practically perfect. His adventures are pretty straightforward; bad guy does evil, Superman destroys bad guy, then he saves the damsel in distress.

Do you blog that way?

If you write your pieces of content like Superman does his superhero stuff, you’re probably maintaining a glossy, publicized blog image. Your website must be handsome, colorful, and stereotypically “heroic” in nature, like an invulnerable source of valuable information. The thing about Superman is that you don’t need to over-analyze: you don’t need to explain why he dons the blue suit and red cape, or why nobody can tell that Clark Kent is Superman when he’s wearing a pair of eyeglasses. You don’t need to be logical or profound in your content – you just need to be lustrous and gleaming with showmanship. With a flamboyant image, a creatively-structured post and a powerful headline, your blog could be as solid as a man of steel.

The Dark Knight of blogosphere

On the other hand, Batman fans are indulged in reflection and understanding of self and their surroundings. He doesn’t have in-born superpowers, nor is he living in a world where people fly and villains want to dominate the Earth. He is not glinting with pride; instead, he looks for meaning, a sense of purpose. He uses pure skill, knowledge and available resources to do what he does.

A Batman-type blogger is substance-driven.

He may not wow you with amazing website effects or imagery, but he can dazzle you with high-quality content that would actually make you think. He will teach you how to not settle with what the current explanations of things are, but to delve deeper into the concept of how systems work. People who thirst for understanding will find a Batman-type blogger most interesting.

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