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Cerita film Superman VS Batman

With the sequel to Warner Brothers’ Superman reboot Man Of Steel mere weeks away from entering principal photography, further details of the project have started to leak out, giving us a fuller picture of what’s been going on behind the scenes of the project and what we’re likely to see on-screen come July 2015.

Join us, then, as we delve a little deeper into the forthcoming Batman Vs Superman, to look at the starry line-up who have either confirmed or rumoured to be playing its heroes and villains, and whether the success of the film could spawn a wave of spin-off DC Universe movies.


Since the film’s announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con back in July, it’s become increasingly clear that any connection director-producer Christopher Nolan may have retained with the expanding cinematic DC Universe will be in name only. But it wasn’t always like this.

Back in 2010, when the Man Of Steel project was first mooted, such an idea was unthinkable with the studio keen to push the filmmaker’s involvement as producer and co-writer at every available opportunity.

However, in Hollywood terms, three years is close to an eternity, and after Man Of Steel’s strong $662 million worldwide box-office haul the Nolan connection has been deemed inessential to the future success of the franchise.

Despite the effusive – yet in retrospect, somewhat evasive – tone of July’s initial press release, Nolan and wife/fellow producer Emma Thomas have been conspicuous by their absence from any subsequent statements relating to the film.

While Nolan is undoubtedly busy shooting his upcoming science-fiction movie, Interstellar, there remains a lingering suspicion that his distance from the project may have something to do with the studio’s rather brutal public ousting of former studio head – and early Nolan champion – Jeff Robinov.

Whether this seeming distance is temporary or if it signals a longer term loosening of the ties between the studio and its most successful director remains to be seen. However, one thing does seem certain: Nolan’s future plans clearly don’t contain any serious future involvement with the icons of DC Comics.


Despite coming onto Man Of Steel off the back of a trio of significant box-office disappointments, director Zack Snyder is clearly now a man on the up-and-up. While his influence on the development of Man Of Steel was limited to shaping a pre-existing script, this time out Snyder is right at the heart of the project, co-authoring the story with screenwriter David S Goyer and having a significant say over how the broader DC Universe will be brought to life.

Unlike Chris Nolan, Snyder is someone very much immersed in comic books and fantasy material, and is a self-declared fan of the work of artists such as Frank Miller, Jim Lee and Frank Frazetta. This influence was especially clear when it came to the visualisation of the world of Krypton in Man Of Steel, as well as the costuming of Superman himself, which had clear nods to those artists in its muscularity and tone.

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