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Jogos do LEGO Superman e Batman

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

FormatsXbox 360 (tested), PlayStation 3, PC, PS Vita, 3DS
Developer Traveller's Tales
Publisher Warner Bros.
Released Out now

Lego Batman 2 is the best Superman game ever made. Admittedly the competition isn't particularly strong, even in games where the tight-wearing square has his name on the box. But as soon as the block-headed Man of Steel descends on Gotham City an hour or two into the game, sporting his smarmy grin and foppish plastic hairdo, he steals the show.

Robin can barely contain his excitement. But Batman doesn't like this, not one bit, turning into even more of a grumbling mope than he usually is. But not to worry Bruce! You're almost every bit as fabulous in a terrific, hilarious imagining of the DC menagerie and arguably the best Lego game yet.

It never fails to impress how wonderfully crafted the Lego games are. It's a series that could have easily gone stale and flaky several years ago. But there's such passion, drive and good humour poured into every new instalment that it's easy to forgive the overriding similarities that form the basis of each new game. But why would you change it? Lego's staggering consistency is thanks to the core tenets of bashing, building and collecting shiny things. Simple delights that never wear thin and give a point of reference for players to dive into a new game without having to readjust or learn new tricks. There's a meta comment on the game's development in there somewhere, taking the same blocks, breaking them down, before building them into something new.

And as far as construction work goes, Lego Batman 2 is comfortably the most ambitious job Traveller's Tales has embarked upon. The game eases you in as Batman and Robin at the start, thwocking and socking their way through a troupe of super-villains after the Joker and his cronies crash the man of the year award. The linear opening stages speak to the previous Lego Batman, with a wardrobe of terrific suits that give the dynamic duo variable powers. A sensor suit for Batman, for instance, allows him to sneak past cameras and hack into electrical devices, while Robin's acrobat suit has the boy wonder flipping across the rafters. There's a definite art to the levels, with the different suits leading to an excellent co-operative back and forth between the two characters. The areas are superbly designed and stuffed with distraction -nooks and crannies hiding treasure for inquisitive minds. It's why the Lego games are so great for kids (of all ages), offering a constant loop of feedback and reward as you hunt out things to be smashed or built and are greeted with a shower of the sparkly Lego studs that act as the game's currency.

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