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Goku rip off Superman

You remember I retracted manga plagiarism. Everything is influenced or inspired by something.

The user who answered this.

Slyxyx 2 days agoThe very first iteration of the Siegel-Shuster Superman appeared before Action Comics Number 1, and it's clear many of these pulp era heroes ( be it in comics or books ) shared similar traits. That doesn't not mean Superman was a rip off from Hugo Danner. Rather, Superman was in the archetype of numerous characters and heroes of the time. Let's also remember that the precursor to the modern American costumed "superheroes" as we know it, had some origins in Japan - that does NOT mean American superheroes are a rip-off of those, but merely an evolution of the concept ( in the best sense ).

rip-off Stealing ideas and/or products to create something of lesser value. To take credit for something that is not their own. To slightly alter an existing idea and product for personal benefit. Disregard the origin of the true creation in attempt to cmake a quick buck and turn a few heads.source:

According to Hybrid or people who agree with him that makes everything a ripoff.Warning I'm only using "ripoff".It is not a ripoff just like Goku, Superman, Fairy Tail, etc..There are just influences and inspirations.

Goku's origin is a "ripoff" of superman. The Goku's abilities like super strength, super speed, flight (FTL), planet busting attacks from (silver age Dc comics).Not mention the concept of gravity, and some of Superman's personality and moral compass is in Goku.

You may Goku is mostly Monkey King. In reality as the manga progressed he became more like superman.

Luffy from One Piece.Plastic Man and Goku put together.

One Piece a "ripoff" Disney and Tim Burton.

Other manga "ripoffs".

If any character you call a ripoff, that makes everything a ripoff. I believe everything is inspired or influnced.


something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone

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