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Superman flew across the planet, having heard something disturbing. He arrived at the place where the explosion had taken place, and was just in time to see a man with spiky dark hair, dressed in an orange martial arts costume, fling a ball of blue Ki energy straight through his enemy, a skinny blue alien in a strange space suit.

Superman approached as the skinny alien hit the concrete, dead.
"Who are you? What are you doing here?"
The spiky haired man turned to face Superman, blinking in confusion.
"I'm Goku. I'm just getting rid of someone who wanted to kill some people. He was just some criminal who wanted to kill people."

Superman moved straight up to Goku, glaring at him.
"You just did some serious damage. Who knows who you injured?"
Goku nodded. "I know. I tried to take the fight away from the city, but he would've done more damage on the way out. He was weak, so I thought it would be better to just destroy him quickly."

Superman nodded. "I understand. And I don't expect everyone to adopt my no killing policy. You did the right thing."

Superman and Goku stood in the Watchtower, looking down at the Earth.
Goku had explained his origins to Superman, and Superman had in turn explained his.
"A Saiyan, eh? I've heard some vague accounts of them. Weren't they wiped out by some madman named Frieza?"
Goku nodded. "They were. Me and Vegeta are the only two pure Saiyans left. My sons Gohan and Goten, and Vegeta's son Trunks, are half Saiyan, but also half human."
Superman nodded. "And the woman you call 18 is an android?"
Goku nodded. "She used to be human, but her and her brother were captured and turned into androids."
"That would make them cyborgs, not androids."

Lex added the finishing touches to his machine. The machine would replicate the effects of various forms of Kryptonite, and would in theory drive Superman insane.

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