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Superman faster than Goku

So lets look at a feat from dragonball where kid goku is dodging lasers. He does not aim dodge as you can see in the second image, he is upside down and completely not moving when the laser is fired. How fast does a laser travel?

A laser will travel at the speed of light at around 2.98 x 108 ms-1

A laser is only light, so yes it travels at the speed of light. Remember that laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Some lasers can go more than light speed (300 times more than light speed).

Goku dodges tiens solar flare. A attack that is light and has enough time to get master roshi's glasses and come back.

kid goku's combat speed is FTL.

Goku is confirmed to be faster than light when he fought burter and jiece. So how exactly is super saiyan 4 goku only 2 times the speed of light as claimed by deathbattle?

Now lets look at the snake way calculation deathbattle did. They gave goku's base speed after he trained with king kai as 11, 000 kph or 6, 800 mph. Kid goku was trained by mr popo to be faster than lightning so how is this right? How fast does lightning travel?

lightning actually goes at variable speeds, because it is not just light, but electron plasma moving through charged air. Its can depend on air conditions, but the typical lightning bolt moves at 224, 000 mph - or about 3, 700 miles per second. So goku in dbz got slower than kid goku when he crossed snake way?

Here is the problem with the snake way calculation.

"6, 800mph x 586 x 50 x 2 x 4 = 1, 593, 920, 000mph

You don't initially divide by 10 because Snakeway is normal gravity and not a part of King Kai's 10x gravity, If you noticed, I stopped after the SSJ3 multiplier - this is now Goku's base form as his base form in GT is roughly equal (if not even stronger) than his DBZ SSJ3 form. So we have:

1, 593, 920, 000 x 50 x 2 x 4 x 10 = 6, 375, 680, 000, 000mph

6, 375, 680, 000, 000mph / 671, 000, 000 (speed of light in mph) = 9, 501 times faster than light."

credit goes to DigimonTrainer on for corrrecting this.

So even if we use the snake way calculation you can see goku is MFTL

Goku's base form gets stronger over the series. Goku at the end of dbz was fighting with uub (reincarnation of kid buu) in base form.

Also this does not account for how goku's base form is again stronger at the end of gt.

Also, using snake way is not a good idea since it has loops and straightways which you cant account for.

Toriyama represents snake way as

So as you can see goku is massively faster than light and much much faster than the top speed given to him in the deathbattle goku vs. superman.

Also read this insanely detailed blog by kakarot88 (credit goes to him for the snake way pics and dragonball feats) on both character in which he does a amazing job analyzing them both and coming to a fair result.

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