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@Ghost52: Deathbattle is a bunch of BS. Screwattack are full of people that think they are smart because they know terms in physics and math. But if anyone ever took a engineering class it's the wrong assumptions that can throw you way off. They don't understand the numbers and math they are trying to apply. Here's one of my posts on surviving an explosion.

@SlimJ87D said:

Time and time again I hear people comparing different explosions of different magnitudes and how characters survive said explosion. What I am about to present might sound like downplaying a feat, but it is not. In no way am I trying to downplay a feat, any person surviving an explosion is impressive indeed. Here's the point that no one ever gives any thought to or wrongfully assumes when comparing durability between characters. When you survive an explosion, you are not surviving the entire energy of that explosion, you are only surviving a small part of it. You have to understand what volume is to move further into my post. This is a unit of volume.

If an explosion has a length width and height of L, W and H it does not mean that the character survived the entire energy of the entire explosion or supernova, they only survived a small tiny volume inside of this cube. l, h and w. The worse culprit is SCREWATTACK where they simply google how much energy is in a type of explosion and then they give that character that durability number.

"Captain America survived an exploding building, it takes X tons amount of TNT to blow up a building, Captain America therefore has X tons durability"

"Iron Fist survived Nitros explosion, there is 250 tons of TNT in Nito's explosion, therefore Iron Fist durability is 250 tons of TNT"


"Superman survives a Supernova, therefore he has this much durability 'googles energy in supernova'"

Supernova Approximate total energy
Ejected Ni
(solar masses)
Neutrino energy
Kinetic energy
Electromagnetic radiation
Type Ia 1.5 0.4 – 0.8 0.1 1.3 – 1.4 ~0.01
Core collapse 100 (0.01) – 1 0.001 – 0.01
Hypernova ~1 ~0.1
Pair instability 5–100 0.5 – 50 low? 1–100 0.01 – 0.1

First of all, can someone show me a scan of Superman surviving a supernova? I'm talking about it saying "supernova" and the scan actually showing a giant star exploding. Just because a star explodes does not mean it is a supernova. Just because someone says that their attack is a supernova (Human Torche) does not mean it's a supernova.

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