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Can Superman beat the Hulk?


Sups so powerful, that he flew to a system that had a blue Sun. Superman -Sneezed- and destroyed that solar system. The Hulk can move mountains, Superman can move Planets. The Hulk can't go into outer space without passing out. As of 2/1/2015, Superman developed a new power (on top of his super strength, heat vision, cold breath, sonic clap, earthquake stomp, creates tornados that would rip Hulk in-half, electro-magnetic body extension, x-ray vision, invulnerability, super-hearing, he can create miniature Supermen out of his hands that possess the same abilities as the original, move at super-speed which gives him the ability to change time itself), he now has Super-Flares which completely destroys his enemy (however, it is so powerful, that Sup becomes zapped of his energy for several hours). Superman is more powerful than any superhero including Thor (who can die, which is in Thor #123, and in the second Thor movie, in which Odin makes it clear). You need to research before making a comment. You can't compare an alien being that is godlike; to a science experiment gone wrong. Besides, the Red-Hulk can beat the Green-Hulk. Nonetheless, Superman can get incredibly close to the Sun, and can become more powerful, while the Hulk would vaporize into nothing. Superman's body is so dense the Flash, who can vibrate through anything, still can not vibrate through Superman. When the Hulk is being shot at, it irritates his skin, usually he covers his face, to protect his eyes. Superman has be shot in the eyeball several times, and he feels a "tickle!"

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