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I think with regard to the falling oil rig that he wasn't KOed or anything, just worn out. Remember he hasn't fully developed or honed his abilities.

He didn't get knocked around by bullets -nam-ek was pushed back but not injured at all. MOS took a bullet to the forehead in one scene without any damage. As for the entire battle itself -

In terms of this battle I could think MOS could them off. Simply because i see no one here as powerful enough to take him down. A fight similair to the one where he attacked zod in smallville is probably how this would go.

I think Kurse and Hulk are the biggest threats here, however Kurse can be decapitated with heat vision and hulk has limits to his own strength and durability.

Durability wise:

  • Was pummeled by zod during reentry - temperatures easily near 5000 degrees celsuis - and fell from orbit heights to the train station, all of this without relenting or showing signs of injury
  • Tanked been thrown through nearly a dozen skyscrapers and hurled into space and recovered in very little time
  • Resisted the gravitation pull of a blackhole while saving Lois during the collision of Zod's ship and his spacecraft.
  • Kal is able to survive inside the epicenter of the world engine -which is adding mass to the earths crush from that point. Added to the fact that it was making more like Krypton, this lead to Kal being de-powered enough to begin coughing and lose control of his flight at certain points of his fight with the engine's defense system. I'm not sure how long he was inside -over a minute probably - but flying up and destroying it in this state and in spite of the engine's displayed output is a feat which alone triumphs anything the marvel avengers have ever put out in term of durability.
  • Repeatedly pummeled and punched up a skyscraper: A remarkable feat of strength by zod but still, Kal recovers nearly instantly. The building looked fairly tall and the fact is he and Zod were previously engaged in previous combat before. Despite this he is able to land a near KO hit during the bull rush between him and Zod, If you watch the video carefully around that part note that Kal recovers nearly instantly after the impact -which caves in the skyscraper - and flies off to meet Zod. No feats i've seen from the avengers shows they could output or even tank than level of punching power with the exception of Hulk.

Note that this all takes place in a span of less than 1 hour, he shows no sign of physical pain, injury or fatigue throughout the time - except after destroying the world engine while already weakened.

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