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Krypton vs Gamma: Who wins? One CGI animator has one answer.

Out of all the arguments in comicdom, few get as heated as cross company battles. It’s hard enough for DC to decide if Flash is faster than Superman (Flash pre-DCnU is faster, probably still that way now) or for Marvel to decide the battles between Thor and Hulk (Thor recently kinda beat Hulk in Fear Itself, but it almost killed Thor to do it). Imagine how much rarer it is to see DC or Marvel agree who’s stronger out of their characters. The closest that came to happening was JLA vs Avengers a few years ago where Batman admitted Captain America had a good chance of beating him and Superman had a narrow TKO on Thor:

One of the biggest debates that’s never really been answered is Hulk vs Superman. Sure they’ve had crossovers but most give you an easy out: mid-90s Marvel vs DC was decided via fan votes so it doesn’t count, and other crossovers prove almost as inconclusive. It’s a tough proposition really, because one is an invulnerable god that flies at super speed and can punch through mountains and the other is a beast with limitless strength and healing abilities.

In the past both have fought characters very similar to one another. Superman has a pretty good record against Hulk-clone Doomsday (when Kal died against Doomsday he was a tad weaker than he normally is). Meanwhile, when Hulk fought pseudo-Superman Sentry it was basically a standstill until they both were exhausted and reverted to human form.

Ultimately it’s something that probably neither publisher could answer conclusively, which is why it took a third party with insane CG skills to make it happen. Perhaps you’ve seen these before, but part 2 came out a couple weeks back, so it’s as good a time as any to remind you that these videos demand your attention:

This fight is pretty much how I always imagined it too. Both are in their classically defined roles. Hulk is a brutish ball of rage that never tires, Superman is faster, resourceful and looks like Christopher Reeves. The only annoying part is that this has yet to reach it’s end, so who knows if the artist involved will even have a definite winner.

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