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I hate when people bash on hulk fanboys just because they are defending him, especially when the person doing the bashing is a fanboy themselves. anyways, in my opinion i think the hulk could potentially win this fight, but could also easily lose. you have to ask the question, at what power level are all these heroes at, at the time. From what i know of the hulk, the strongest iv'e seen him was just after his fight with sentry in wwh. first of all him and sentry go at it toe to toe before the satellites drain them both of power momentarily, however the sentry is on the ground half dead in his human form, whereas bruce banner is standing tall (yeah he's cut and bruised up, but obviously in a MUCH better shape than sentry was). this fight alone showed hulk was definitely strong enough to handle at the least, cap and iron man, since obviously no metal can withstand the power of a thousand exploding suns. Anyways, after that fight the hulk finds out the true killer of his wife and planet then goes into thus far, the strongest iv'e ever seen the hulk. His body literally emitting its own gamma radiation, a single footstep forward shaking the entire world, creating earthquakes and whatnot. This is the point where the hulk ask iron man to drain his power once again. My point here is, this isn't the hulks most angered state, obviously if he was angrier and angrier he would've welcomed this new strength and quite literally destroyed the world (i mean cmon.. 1 footstep= planetary shaking! imagine what would've happened if he started fighting.) The hulk stopped his anger purposely, this does not mean this was his limit, no not at all.

Another thing which irritates me, which i know my frustration could mean less that rat ****, is people answering the questing: Is there a limit to the hulks rage and anger? and usually this answer (with no supporting evidence that cannot be denied) is yes because .obviously. there is a limit to somebody's anger. those words make me want to go planet breaker myself... if only. Anyways my point is that statement is just completely irrational and sounds like whoever is stating it is just throwing out words to simply debate the subject. Yeah any HUMANS rage is limited, but who is to say the Hulk has the same limits as a human emotionally? he obviously isn't human, he isn't alien, he is a hulk, he is THE HULK. you cant judge his limits simply because he is a humanoid. There are no comic strips stating with pure fact, that the hulk has limits to his rage. And i'd hope most of you see my point here, NOBODY knows the hulks limit at this point in time, but so far as we know, he DOES NOT HAVE A LIMIT TO HIS ANGER, and thus he has no limit to his strength. Iv'e been a hulk fan every since i was just a little kid, so many heroes have all these bogus abilities to counter there weaknesses (Don't even get me started on superman...), But the hulk has one simple rule to his strength, the madder he gets, the more powerful he becomes (as in his entire bodies mechanics are boosted, restoration, brute strength, speed, etc.). You have to admit this hero was truly a masterpiece of Stan Lee.

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