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If Superman fought the Hulk

What would happen if Superman

If somehow this could happen, there will be no real world effects other than some ground gets crushed under hulk's feet. Any other effects are negligible to the size of the earth & reversed shortly afterwards. They would only affect the path that superman follows to the orbit. The effect on that path would be that the air nearby will burn up. It will appear much brighter than the brightest lightning you have seen.

However, this scenario seems very unlikely to me.

OP did not mention what is the height of the orbit. So, for this problem, let's take "orbit" to mean the height of the international space station's orbit i.e. 420km.

Calculating the initial velocity needed to reach that height would come out to be roughly 2778 m/s which excludes the air resistence. This was the easy part.

But what if we want to include air resistence? The air resistence is a bit tricky since the resistence depends on the speed & the density of the air around. Density is not constant, it becomes lesser & lesser as you go up. Let's assume the density is zero after 100km above the surface. We also know that a skydiver at 54 m/s feels resistence equal their weight. This means if the initial speed were 2778 m/s as we assumed originally, then superman would fly up to maybe somewhere between 6-7 km. Not very impressive.

We need A LOT more speed. But more speed also equals increasingly more air resistence. 50 km/s would get him 12-13 km. 100km/s maybe upto 15 km. We are really not getting anywhere. However, if we start at the top of mount everest, then i believe, 100km/s should be enough to get to space. Let's go forward with that.

But again, this king of initial speed via just a single punch is insane. The pressure estimation i have is 10^15 Pascals. I think the pressure created on the fist due to this, would be enough to crush it. Or if the fist doesn't get crushed, then it might go through superman's body.

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