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Can the irresistible force beat the immovable object?

Hulk has survived nuclear explosions and gamma explosions, which generate far more heat than Superman's heat vision, with ease. The brunt force of nuclear explosions knock out Superman (see recent issues of Superman Wonder Woman). Hulk is also written considerably stronger. One of his best strength feats was holding the weight of a star, destroying an asteroid twice the size of Earth with a single punch, punching a hole in time and reality, Hulk's punching power is insane. Superman hasn't demonstrated this level of punching power and in terms of durability he is way below Hulk. Superman had his nose broken by Mongul and Superman doesn't have accelerated healing, he has poor defence against toxins and poisons for example. Superman's big advantage is speed however this hasn't been shown to generate what is referred to planet busting punching power. In a fist fight, battle to the death with no battlefield removal, Hulk would win fairly comfortably, especially current Hulk, who is more intelligent than Banner but retains his high strength levels - tearing Adamantium with barely a struggle for example.

Here's a list of comparable high end strength and durability feats.

1. Superman smashes a shadow moon but is knocked out - JLA 30 Grey Hulk smashes an asteroid twice the size of Earth - Marvel Comics Presents 52 2. Superman struggles to hold a magnetic field which houses a black hole the size of a spec of dust - JLA 77 Hulk holds open a black hole "can hold Forever" - Defenders 3 3. Superman is imprisoned by a new god - Death of the New Gods 7 Hulk is imprisoned by a being half sky father level (Chaos) - Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe 2 4. Superman is cut by Wonder Woman's tiara - Wonder Woman 219 Hulk is cut by a glaive that cuts at an atomic level - Infinity 6 5. Superman takes 10 gigawatts of electricity but is knocked out - Action Comics 14 Hulk takes 100 trillion tons of kinetic energy when fighting his son - Incredible Hulk 611 6. Superman survives the destruction of two planets but is knocked out - Death of the New Gods 8 Hulk & Red She Hulk Destroy A Planet - Incredible Hulks 634 8. Superman Takes A Nuke and is knocked out - Superman-Wonder Woman 6 Hulk takes 2 Giant Gamma Bombs - Marvel Knights Hulk 4 9. Superman lifts a planet - Superman 13 Hulks lifts a star - Infinity 6

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