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Superman Beats up Hulk

This issue compares all the
he is strong enough to rip his arm off or even heat vision. YOu have seen superman destroyed Cyborg superman by punching him and vibrating him to peices. You have seen him vibrate to become intangible in air and on the ground even while flying. So whats stopping him from doing this hulk? Labotmy would work on the hulk Hulk healing isnt as great as General Eling so its an easy Kill for Superman.

Yes, we have seen Superman put his hand through the cyborg and vibrate him to death but that was after the Cyborg had been weakened by the green kryptonite he used to kill the eradicator. Hulk's healing factor will prevent him from being lobotomized. He's had adamantium bullets shot into his head before (WW Hulk) and it didn't even slow him down. I don't think Eiling is as durable as the Hulk, so i agree that his healing factor might be stronger.

Superman isn't strong enough to tear off WBs arm because his body is far too dense for that. If there are instance of Superman tearing off the limbs of class 100 beings, i would love to hear them. Right now (i strongly believe) that WB is stronger than Superman. Hulk's powered up considerably since Gladiator penetrated his hide with his eye beams (in WW Hulk, Wolverine couldn't even cut his body anymore).

In Incredible Hulk 634 and 635, his power output destroyed the Dark Dimension and destroyed class 100 beings like Wendigo and Fin Fang Foom. Current Hulk's energy was used to create an army of Hulks, he broke adamantium and crushed a magically powered uru hammer in Hulk vs Dracula (and that's not World breaker). After the Heart of the Monster arc, i would say the Hulk is the Prime Brute in comics, that's why i say that Hulk wins a pure fist fight.

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