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(The story takes place in New York City, assuming that is Metropolis like from the Superman movies.)

It was a clear and sunny morning over the city of Metropolis once again. From out of all the skyscrapers only one really caught your eyes, the Luthor Corp. building. A Chinook Crane helicopter was heard dimly down at the street below, as it headed toward the building. The helicopter plastered with the Luthor Corp. symbol was carrying a very special payload under it today. Coming to a hover over the landing pad, it lowered the payload onto a small-motorized flatbed, which could be controlled by remote. The scientist holding the wireless remote held down the forward button to go into the docking entrance for the Luthor building.

Lois Lane entered the newsroom of the Daily Planet, finding Clark at his desk once again early as usual.

"Aren't you ever late? Don't you ever get tired? Every day I arrive you're always here before me. How do you get here so fast, fly?" She gave a slight chuckle to her comment.

Clark looked over at her for a second, gazing than smiled. "I leave early?" He said it in a questionable sort of way as if to see if she'd believe him, but it came out of his mouth as if it was a statement.

Lois placed her bag beside her desk, gazing over the different papers on her desk. So far the day seemed like it was going to be like any normal one, a day at work with the small articles no one cares about. She hoped she could meet Superman today, once again but of course she hoped not under the role of damsel in distress.

It was about 2 o'clock when Ms. Lane had taken a cab to an exclusive story she was told of from a phone call. Paying the driver, she got out and started jogging down West 33rd street, because of the traffic. Heading down toward the location where the story was supposedly moving to, she came to a stop in her tracks. Looking up she saw two Comanche helicopters hovering overhead, firing their 20mm cannons at something. A blur of something large and green seemed to latch onto the skyscraper just above Lois, and the other civilians. The next thing only to be seen by Lois was pieces of the stone building falling down toward her.

When Lois had left the Daily Planet, Clark was talking to Chief Perry White. When he returned, to find her gone he had went back to work as usual. After hearing the sound of gunfire with his super hearing, he went over to the window. Glancing around, with no one was looking he jumped out. Quickly turning into his Superman suit, he took off flying over the city streets. Heading uptown toward the commotion, something caught his telescopic eyes. Looking down at an ambulance, he floated down to the spot. Once he landed, he saw them loading Lois into it, unconscious.

"Is she going to be alright?" He said with a questionable and exclamatory sound in his voice, to the paramedic. Before quickly scanning over Lois with his X-ray vision to see her condition.

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Hulk contra Superman, Parte 1
Hulk contra Superman, Parte 1
Hulk contra Superman
Hulk contra Superman

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