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Super-Incredible Fastball

How about Superman? DC’s representative superhero has strength levels that take a backseat to few characters – and none that are humanoid. To find beings as strong – or stronger – than Superman Man of Steel, you have to go up the chain of command to celestial entities.

His quickness is surpassed only by the Flash – and just barely. He has all manner of distance attacks, from his lethal heat vision, to his freeze-breath and gale-force winds.

Presumably, he is strong enough by far to execute a thunderclap using his hands, or create a directional earthquake by striking the ground with his hands. Of course, with his vaunted heat vision, he already has a distance attack extraordinaire - it's capable of razing a battlefield full of metahumans, or reducing a forest to a blazing inferno too hot to approach.

He can fly with the best of them, and circle the earth in minutes without unduly taxing his vast reserves of energy. He heals fast with the aid of the sun, but far more significant than the moderate healing factor the Man of Steel possesses, is his outright invulnerability.

Superman takes direct hits from nuclear strikes and only misses a beat for his troubles. Against the Incredible Hulk, he simply has too many weapons to be beaten – although it might take him a whole day to put down the green machine because of the latter’s regenerative abilities.

More importantly, the battle doesn’t even have to happen unless Clark wants it to – given that Banner can only jump very high and far, compared to Kal-El’s powers of interstellar and atmospheric flight.

The Incredible Hulk's best chance against the Man of Steel might be to try and fight him at night, so he can at least rob Superman of his solar energy-inspired regenerative healing abilities. It would still be tricky, because Kal can still fly and up over the horizon at night to meet the sun and perform the Kryptonian version of a "systems reboot."

Hulk would have to cause so much damage that the mountain-mover becomes too wasted to fly - and that would be a mighty feat, indeed - as well as a first. There's little doubt that Hulk would make one heckuva impression on Superman - the green machine is mega-strong, very durable, and regenerates even better than the Wolverine.

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