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No Superman song in Man of Steel

At Comic-Con, the closest


While Superman Return's Metropolis (presumably Sydney, Australia with American license plates on the cars) came off as a perfectly clean, pleasant, and contemporary, director Bryan Singer's vision of the world's most famous fictional city didn't leave much of a lasting impression.

Thirty years earlier the Richard Donner films made little attempt to hide that Metropolis was actually Manhattan. In fact, they embraced it, even going so far as to have Lex Luthor outright say his underground headquarters modeled purposely after NYC's famous Grand Central Terminal was under Park Avenue.

The real city and its flavor also played a pivotal role in the 3-on-1 showdown with General Zod and his crew in Superman II, despite most of that scene being shot on a set.

Christopher Nolan has made a point to use Chicago locations to both ground Gotham City in reality and provide a sense of urban scale in his Batman films, so here's hoping as producer he and director Zack Snyder can spin a mix of The Man of Steel's downtown Vancouver locations and some CGI trickery to give their version of Metropolis the not-quite-like-any-place-else-on-Earth punch it deserves.

Metropolis should come off as being of the same size and scale of Manhattan, and as modern as some of the emerging Asian cities around the world, but with a dash of Tomorrowland thrown in.


Not much has been seen or said about Man of Steel's Metropolis at this point, other than glimpses from leaked set photos, so a better impression will likely come after the release of the full trailer.

Go Global, Young Superman

Unlike most other superheroes, Superman is bound by nothing neither time nor geographical distance nor even the boundaries of space. We got some perfunctory TV images of Superman's global good deed-doing in Returns, but the film was mostly bound to Smallville, Metropolis, the Fortress of Solitude (briefly) and a non-descript spot in the Atlantic ocean presumably some miles of the coast of Metropolis.

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