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PS3 Superman Man of Steel game

Superman Man Of Steel Game Ps3

Superman: The Man of Steel is a single-player action game based on the DC Comics Superman - the most popular and recognized superhero in the world. In a story developed and written in conjunction with one of DC Comics' top writers, Superman: The Man of Steel will challenge players to protect Metropolis from supervillains Brainiac 13 and Lex Luthor, and a legion of malevolent robots intent on destroying the city and taking over the world.

In the game, Brainiac 13 attempts to take control of the advanced technology behind the futuristic Metropolis - technology that would enable him to destroy Metropolis and rule the world. Players assume the role of Superman, the Last Son of the Planet Krypton, and are charged with protecting the citizens caught within the ensuing chaos, finding the technology to stop the maniacal robots from taking over the city and defeating the evil masterminds behind the diabolical plot.

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Thinkway Toys Superman Man of Steel Kryptonian Armor Utility Belt
Toy (Thinkway Toys)
  • Adjustable utility belt (fits up to 26.5 ) with accessories
  • Includes light projector, dart launcher, pretend GPS communicator, 2 soft, folding throwing wings and storage pouch
  • Fit accessories (projector, dart launcher and GPS communicator) onto the belt for easy access
  • Store the folded throwing wings in the pouch until the next mission
Rubies Man of Steel Superman Children's Costume, Small
Toy (Rubies)
  • Superman costume features a jumpsuit with attached boot covers and cape
  • Child s small fits up to 48 inches tall with 25 to 26-inch waist and 27 to 28-inch chest
  • Officially licensed Superman Man of Steel movie item
  • Look for all of Rubie s Man of Steel costumes and accessories
  • Rubie s has been your source for dress-up and Halloween fun since 1950

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