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Superman: The Man of Steel
Christopher Nolan
David S. Goyer
Music by Hans Zimmer
Duration 147 minutes
Studio Warner Bros. Pictures
Rated PG-13
Budget $225, 000, 000
Revenue $668, 045, 518

Man of Steel is a film based on the origins of Superman. Directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan, and starring Henry Cavill as the title character, the film was released on June 14, 2013.


On the planet Krypton, Lara Lor-Van has just given birth to Kal-El with the help of her husband Jor-El. Jor-El travels to Kandor on his pet H'Raka where he stands in front of the Kryptonian Law Council telling them the planet is to explode because of the council's decision to harvest the planet's core to serve the depleted energy reserves of the planet. They dismiss his claims but General Zod takes note informs Jor-El he is going to overthrow the council. A concerned Jor-El steals the Growth Codex (the source of the artificially-produced masses of genetically-specialized citizens of Krypton) and graphs the atomized particles onto Kal-El's red blood cells. Kal-El is revealed as the first naturally-born kryptonian in centuries. His parents then put the Command Key and their son into a ship. Zod discovers their plan and attacks Jor-El. Jor-El battles Zod who kills Jor-El while Lara launches Kal-El's ship to Earth. The Sapphire Guards save Kal-El's ship from being shot down and arrest Zod. Zod and his followers are imprisoned and sent to the Phantom Zone before the planet Krypton explodes. Kal-El lands in the field of Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Kal-El, now known as Clark Kent and an adult, is now working on a crab boat when an Oil Rig in the distance is on fire. Jumping overboard and swimming over, he begins to help people get to safety as the Coast Guard arrive to get people to safety. When a piece of rigging threatens to fall on them, Clark holds it up long enough for them to get clear before an explosion sends Clark flying into the water. While unconscious, Clark remembers back to being 9 when his Super Hearing and X-Ray Vision first manifested at school and Martha helped him control his powers.

Returning ashore, Clark steals some clothes and skips town, seeing a school bus on the way reminding him of when he was 13 and was bullied by boys in his class. The school bus they were on crashed over a bridge and Clark saved it from drowning. Revealing his powers to Lana Lang and Pete Ross. Back home Jonathan revealed to Clark the reason for his powers by showing Clark his ship in the barn and giving him the Command Key.

Clark is now working in a highway bar where he overhears some men talking about the military looking for an alien ship under the ice of Ellesmere Island. An argument breaks out soon after, and Clark destroys the truck belonging to the man responsible before skipping town in the direction of the alien ship.

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