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1993 Superman comic book worth

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How much is my comic book collection worth, comic book value anyone? You could be sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it. Your Old comic books have value in case you didn't know. I recently did a eBay search and found that some comic books are going for hundreds to thousands of dollars. The amazing spider man comic book # 6 with the first Lizard appearance had reached bids up to $426, Amazing Spider man 1st Venom reached $117, X-Men 1960s run 10-12 sold for $860. So how much could you get for yours? Its simple, the older the comic book the higher it will rank in value, it also depends on the condition of the comic book most often referred to as grading.

Condition as follows


Near Mint(NM)

Very Fine(VF)


Very Good


It is easy to grade your comic books yourself judging by the condition alone, are one of the pages ripped? If so you would list as poor but state the page ripped as the reason, If it has not lost color, has all the pages, no creasing, no stains or wear it can be listed as Mint Condition. I think you have the hang of what to do in your auctions now we can get to comic book values. It doesn't matter if its a Superman Comic book, comic spiderman, X Men Comic or old title that nobody has heard of it can hold value, first you need to find out what type it is and age. Every comic book has a area on the first page all the way at the bottom that lists information such as copyright, issue number, print date, publisher etc.

Age Of Comic Books

Copper Age 1984-1991

Golden Age 1938-1955

Bronze Age 1970-1983

Silver Age 1956-1969

Modern Age 1992-Now

Judging by the Age chart above you can figure that the older comics will be worth more, but the modern age comic books are turning a good price as well. You're never going to know the value unless you do your research. There are many different ways to sell your old comic books. You could sell on eBay and let the bidders decide how much they are worth or you could sell outright to a Online Comic Book Dealer. I wouldn't trust selling at your local comic book store because they will cheat you, you will not get full value of your comic books because the dealer will tell you all sorts of lies making you think its actually worth less than it is so that they will be able to make a good profit.

You could find out more information on selling outright and the actual value of your comic book by researching the titles below.

There are other places but the one place I would suggest not selling on is NewKadia.Com because the site will sell your comic book with you but split the price with you, I know selling on eBay you will still have to pay seller fees but it wont be nearly as much as splitting your money half and half with Newkadia. Learn the vasics so you will no longer have to ask anyone how much is my comic book collection worth because someone would be all too happy to rip you off if they know the worth.

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