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"We came up with this big, new direction for the character with a new set of challenges to throw at him." - Greg Pak (writer: Action Comics) excerpt from an interview with Comicosity In the, released by DC, we discover that Superman is slowly being de-powered. He still seems to have most of his strength, however his ability to fly and invulnerability have both been diminished.

Because of the reduction of his powers, there must be some form of change on a cellular level that the Fortress of Solitude didn't like. As he approaches the one place on Earth that he considered a 'safe-house' of sorts, the Fortress' built in security system denies him entry.

The Fortress doesn't recognize him as Kryptonian.

As a result, it retrieves the 'stolen artifacts' he possesses; aka: Superman's suit and cape. After he was stripped of his suit, he uses his remaining strength to retain a segment of the cape as it tore free from his grip.

Superman's world is literally being torn apart. We already saw, in Divergence (the Free Comic Book Day offering), that Lois revealed his identity to the world.

He is without costume and without identity.

The story titled "Truth" looks to be very promising as Kal-El begins to explore some uncharted territory. Over the course of 75+ years, Superman has recently been labeled as a boring and unimaginative character.

There are a lot of people angry about the change in the status of his identity and there are plenty of people upset about the loss of his powers. I offer huge props to the creative team behind this decision as it offers us a fresh new look on a classic character.

So what if he rides a motorcycle. He can't fly and lacks super-speed. Do we expect him to jog everywhere? The portions of cape wrapped around his knuckles are a reference to cage fighters. You know, sort of like his classic trunks were a reference to circus strong-men.

We should really try to see things with an open mind before fighting against the unfamiliar. Especially when dealing with comic books where the running joke is everything gets ret-conned.

We're finally being given, what appears to be, an exciting and original story.

My open mind allows me to enjoy what we have, rather than complain about what we don't. And I couldn't be more excited for June.

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