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Comic Superman dies worth

It was a crisp October evening in 1992. I was standing in a small comic store surrounded by fanboys who were buzzing with anticipation, waiting in a line that stretched out the front door.

It was a time of excitement, a time of change, and no one could have predicted what was to come.

Brett Favre just made his first start for the Green Bay Packers, long before he could have predicted that just 18 years later, he’d be sending pictures of his wang to the entire world through a futuristic device called an ‘iPhone’.

Bill Clinton was about to win the U.S. presidency in a landslide and go on to repair a badly damaged economy, long before he’d be sitting in a courtroom discussing his junk as if it were a matter of national security.

And while some men will be remembered for their genitals rather than their significant accomplishments, DC Comics somehow became the biggest dicks of all.

Long before it would become a cheap gimmick, Superman would die.

And comic industry that we all love would pay for it.

Comic book nerds are not as stupid as we look….for the most part.

Standing in line listening to conversations around me, I could hear the lilt of excitement in almost every voice. These people were not just excited, they were ecstatic. This was it – they were going to be a part of comic book history! They were soon going to be in possession of the most important comic book of their lifetime, because the most iconic hero ever conceived, Superman, was going to die, never to return.

Ever ever.


Or so we were led to believe. But even as a child, still fascinated with the technological achievements like Bionic Commando and the compact disc, I just knew this was bullshit.

Really? Was DC going to kill off their most popular character, never to return?

Maybe not, but worst-case-scenario, even if this turns out to be nothing more than a gimmick, at least I’ll get a great Superman story out of it…

More of a financial masterpiece than an artistic one

If you think the Death of Superman would be handled with care, you would be wrong.

I won’t go into a full review here because the actual quality of the book itself isn’t the point of this blog post, but suffice to say, it sure as hell wasn’t The Watchmen. Let’s just leave it at that.

In case you haven’t had the pleasure, here’s what happened: Superman fights a giant rock monster named Doomsday. They punch each other. They both die. The end.

Epic, I know. I get excited just writing about it.

And while the comic itself was nothing special aside from its historical implications, the sales figures truly were epic.

The comic sold between 2.5 and 3 million units, and Superman had gone from a stale, all-but-forgotten property back to a mainstream sensation overnight. The subsequent funeral issues and resurrection sold well, and I’m sure that DC was thrilled at the response.

Superman wasn’t the only thing DC buried

Of course this financial success was short-lived. The comic book industry nearly collapsed due to a number of factors, starting in 1993 and continued to fall through 1999.

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