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Comic where Superman dies value

Date: December 2002
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It was a time when grim heroes with exotic weaponry and mysterious pasts walked the Earth and comics sold over a million copies.

Looking back it can easily be said that 1992 was a rather big year for comics. Image Comics made its debut with the release of Rob Liefeld's Youngblood in April and solidified its hold on fandom with Todd McFarlane's Spawn in May. Not to be outdone Marvel Comics began a new horror line based of the success of Ghost Rider with a storyline called Rise of the Midnight Sons. Marvel also placed its stake in the future with the world of Marvel 2099 and pumped up its mutant line with the two month X-Cutioner's Song crossover. Marvel also made its return to Saturday morning with the first two episodes of the X-Men animated series. It was the second year of the Bat as well with the release of Batman Returns, a new ongoing series titled Batman: Shadow of the Bat and an animated series of his own that changed the look of super-hero cartoons forever.

How does a year like this end?

You end it with the death of a legend.

You end it with the death of Superman.

The Calm Before the Storm or Aliens, Vampires and Demons Oh My!

When viewed overall 1992 was a somewhat haphazard year for the Superman titles. It wasn't a bad year, just up and down in terms of story and events.

The year began in grand style with an alien invasion epic called Panic in the Sky. What started out as someone's answer for a company wide crossover Panic turned into a self-contained (at least as far as the Superman titles were concerned) story of Superman leading an army of heroes in a pre-emptive attack against the invading forces of Brainiac and Maxima, who ruled the mobile planet of Warworld. In addition to guest starring just about the entire pantheon of DC's heroes it resolved the question of honor with Dragga from the Exile story arc and reestablished Supergirl, a.k.a. Matrix into the Superman books.

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