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superman wonder woman 17 panelI don’t know about you, but I get bored continuously reading about Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship when it mainly involves them punching bad guys together. Yeah punching bad guys is cool, and they both have cool powers and all, but Superman/Wonder Woman #17 made me realise I don’t really care about that.

So the latest Superman/Wonder Woman issues have been focusing on the threat that is Magog. The issues have featured a lot of ass kicking and punching bad guys, and that’s fun…for a little while. But the whole point of this comic is to explore the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. And it does that best in the quieter, non-face punching, ass-kicking moments.

And yes I know not everyone is a fan of this couple anyways, and although I much rather see Superman with a more human character like Lois or Lana, it has been interesting seeing this relationship develop.

Superman is still just Clark Kent, a guy who grew up on a farm and is now a reporter, whereas Wonder Woman is Diana, who grew up on a mythical island and is now the God of War. Even though some people just like to equate Wonder Woman as the female Superman, they are actually very different personality wise. And it’s that reason which has made their relationship an intriguing one to follow.

superman wonder woman relationship comicsThe best part of Superman/Wonder Woman #17 was the last few panels. “Clark what is the sport played with the leather-bound spheroid”. Let’s be honest, Diana is still kind of a noob when it comes to well…normal life. And even though Clark is an alien, there’s a lot he can teach her about life, which is what I love reading.

I love reading their awkward conversations in Clark’s crappy apartment, because it makes them feel like a real couple. Not just a couple of attractive, powerful beings who are together just because.

Diana has learnt from Clark that she needs to be more connected with humanity and the people she tries to protect. That of course has been hard for her, with the whole being the God of War and Queen of the Amazons thing, but she is trying. So it’s great that they are able to learn stuff like that from each other, instead of just spending all their time fighting giant monsters.

I’m still assuming that the end game is to reunite Clark with Lois, so until then I’m more than happy to read the romance unfold between Clark and Diana. The question is, how long will they keep the romance going for? The Superman/Wonder Woman comic will continue after Convergence, so the couple should be together for a while still.

Although I think that they are better when they’re in a relationship with an actual human being that doesn’t have any crazy powers. It keeps them more grounded, and less like unrelatable gods who look upon us from above.

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