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Has Superman ever cheated on Lois

DCAU Lois made smart decisions

Once upon a time, cub reporter Jimmy Olsen was dispatched to cover the launch of a submarine called the Mako. Little did Jimmy know that the Mako was the next target of a creepy ship collector known as Captain Bane. Bane triggered a trap that sunk the Mako. As Olsen was smartly exiting the only thing keeping him alive underwater, he signaled Superman with his watch.

When Aquaman arrived instead, Olsen was overjoyed, as anyone would be who had expected the Man of Steel and gotten the guy who talks to fish. Aquaman did the trick, however, cleverly using eels and pufferfish to save not only the crew, but the submarine. Of course this enraged Captain Bane, who sent a whale to swallow Olsen. Once inside the whale, Jimmy found a magic stone that caused the whale to spit him out and granted him all of Aquaman's powers. Who knew it was that easy to become the worst Super Friend?

So Jimmy does the noble thing and starts saving lives at sea, drawing the notice of not only Aquaman, but the erstwhile Superman — who finally clues in to Jimmy's plight, and arrives just in time to bully Aquaman into having a contest with Jimmy to test their powers by making fun of Aquaman's missing wife Mera. Pitting them against each other, Superman says whoever can survive the longest without water is the "winner."

Jimmy barely wins the contest by licking the moisture off of Superman's boot, which Superman kindly doesn't count as cheating because he is such a stand-up guy. In the end, it turns out Captain Bane is a shapeshifter who has organized the entire ruse just to kill Aquaman, and has been impersonating Superman the entire time. The real Superman shows up to save the day, proving that he's really a nice guy, but tell that to Jimmy and Aquaman who were forced to lick the sweat off their best friend's foot just to stay alive while Superman waited exactly as long as possible to save them.


When Superman heard that the stockholders of a new oil well were being scammed, he set out to see justice done against the con men who were stealing money from the poor stockholders. So rather than simply investigating the claims against the con men and contacting the proper authorities — for where would the challenge be in that for the Man of Steel? — Superman put in motion a complex and destructive plot to not only destroy the oil well, but to make sure nobody wound up happy.

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