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I am Superman the song

So today I am sharing Main Toh
Help me fill out my geeky "Superman Music" playlist.
For a few years now, I've been tinkering around with something I call "Metropolis Radio, " a playlist of songs with a Superman theme. It started out as a drunken, late night goof at a party with a few of us gathered 'round the computer, laughing and listening to cool songs about Superman. I had such a good time I decided to try to make a playlist.

That original playlist was lost somewhere along the way, and I've been futzing around with making a new one for a while now. I'm turning to the hive mind to give me great new songs to add!

Here's what I have so far:

Theme From Superman by John Williams
Resignation Superman by Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Superman by Five for Fighting
Superman's Song by Crash Test Dummies
No Soy un Superman by Bustamante
Jimmy Olsen's Blues by Spin Doctors
Superman by R.E.M.
Waitin' For A Superman by Flaming Lips
The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts by Sufjan Stevens

As you can see, genre doesn't much matter. "Quality" is subjective. Ideally, I'm kind of hoping to have songs that are either literally about Superman, or use the Superman icon/myth as some kind of metaphor. Ultimately, I just want it to be fun to listen to!

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