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Superman the Animated Series Knight time

Superman meets Roxy"Knight Time" is the forty-third episode of Superman: The Animated Series. It depicts the first time Superman visits Gotham. After learning that Batman is missing, Superman goes to Gotham and pretends to be Batman in order to prevent crime from rising. In the end, he discovers that Batman's disappearance has something to do with an old nemesis of Superman's.


Superman encounters Roxy Rocket.

Roxy Rocket flies through Metropolis on her personal rocket, closely pursued by Superman. She dives under a tunnel, only to find Superman at the other end. She takes the risk of flying right at him, but he manages to snatch her off the rocket, which crashes harmlessly in the bay. Superman is amazed that even Roxy would be daring enough to make trouble in Metropolis, but she shrugs and informs him that Batman has gone missing and Gotham City is now overrun with crooks.

Out in Gotham, a couple of criminals rob a store of its jewelry on the belief that the police are too busy to come and Batman won't show. However, they failed to reckon with Robin. He easily foils the robbery, only to find the robbers had reinforcements, but before they can shoot him, Superman shows up and subdues the crooks. Superman then consults Robin about Batman's whereabouts. Robin explains that Batman claimed he'd be away on business but none of his partners believed it. Batgirl and Nightwing traced the call and presumed Bruce has been abducted by "Ghul something" in Romania and followed the lead, leaving Robin to defend the whole city by himself. When the Bat-signal goes up, Robin claims that crime gets worse every time Batman doesn't show. Superman vows that Batman will this time.

Riddler Hatter BaneOut on the roof of the Gotham Police Department, Commissioner Gordon and a police officer wait in vain for Batman. However, just as they give up, Batman and Robin appear. Gordon informs Batman that Bane has returned to Gotham and is now twice as strong as he used to be. Unknown to the Gotham Police, "Batman" is actually Superman in Batman's outfit and imitating his voice.

They go to Wayne Enterprises to investigate the messages sent by Bruce Wayne. The call claims that Bruce went on vacation but a previous call to Robin claimed that he would be at work. Robin traces the call to New Zealand, but neither he nor Superman believe the trace to be real. Superman investigates the papers in the room and discovers nanites crawling on their surface. Looking at the phone, he discovers a needle and realizes that Bruce is under some kind of mind control.

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