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Black Superman intro movie

Earth 23 Superman, Calvin EllisSo a while back DC did a single issue Action Comic that had a black Superman that was introduced back in 2009, he was from Earth 23, his name was Kalel and his secret identity was Calvin Ellis... President of the United States. At first i thought it was kind of corny obviously drawing parallels between Ellis and Obama but then i remembered that Lex Luther became President once and i conceded that this was more to show "what if" the opposite had happened?

Earth 23 Superman, Calvin Ellis

Earth 2 Superman, Val-ZodThe character didn't seem very well thought out to me outside of one flashback panel of his adopted father teaching him how to box but outside of that he just came off as an elseworlds gimmick so i don't think anyone really cared. Oh and they seemed to have a running gag that about Lex Luther being racist when he really wasn't, Lex had to keep defending himself by saying that he wasn't racist and that he just hated Superman, it was funny. Now, enter Val-Zod of Earth 2.

Earth 2 Superman, Val-Zod

Val-Zod seems like a more well thought out character, Kryptonian as well, he was sheltered from the world for his own safety, or so he was told so he grew up isolated. He's not as strong as Superman because he's been kept away from sunlight and he has a fear of open spaces and more so, he's kind of a reluctant hero being thrown into an impossible situation right from the start. Currently, Superman (Clark Kent) of Earth 2 is being controlled by Darkseid and laying waste to the world and the heroes are running out of options so Val-Zod may be their only hope.

Earth 2 SupermanI feel like I should be intrigued by this but I don't know, it kind of feels like the introduction of Miles Morales as Spider-Man all over again. Not to knock Miles, Ultimate Spider-Man is a really great character and has definitely earned his stripes but this Val-Zod, it feels like it should be a gimmick but its not, he doesn't feel like a throwaway character at all.

Earth 2 Superman

Val-Zod definitely has potential to be something special plus, he's part of Earth 2 and those books get great reviews all the time so he's definitely in good hands with the writers and lets not forget he's from the House of Zod! Fans were pretty reluctant to accept Miles Morales as Spider-Man at first but now, people love him and i'm wondering if people will give this Black Superman the same chance... will they even care... i hope they do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and taking that chance hoping that these writers and DC know what they're doing.

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