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Evil Superman movie

Being a Batman fan, let me make a case FOR him. :-)

The very first line of the trailer is,

Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy?
I hope nobody doubts that the most powerful man is Superman.

We then move on to see that Superman is considered to be a God. We see him helping people. A statue has been erected in his honour. He although appears to be distressed with the God status. Will it cause him to snap?

Then we hear the dialogue,
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And we see soldiers kneeling down before him, who seem to be some kind of cult following Superman as you can see from the "S" insignia.
The debate goes on whether he is good or bad...Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, ” Luthor says. “They come from the sky.
And then this:
...with the chanting of "Go home", he seems to have become a villain in public's eye...along with the emphasis of him being an alien...

One of the biggest themes of the trailer seems to be how Superman’s presence causes the rest of humanity to go into a bit of an existential crisis.

Then we see Bruce accompanied by the dialogue...

That’s how it starts, the feeling, the powerlessness, that turns good men…cruel.
Now, that is Alfred's voice.. So, we can't say if he says this for his beloved Master Bruce or someome else.. Even if it is for Bruce, he says "cruel", not "evil." Well at wars, soldiers do turn cruel...

Followed by scenes featuring Batman, some of which obviously refers to

The rifle was used to fire a grappling line onto a nearby police helicopter.
The similarity between the armoured suit cannot be denied.

(If the movie is inspired by the novel, then there is no doubt who is right. Superman was a pawn in the POTUS' hand who found the peaceful Gotham under Batman to be an "embarrassment")

Given the premise, I could infer that we have a misunderstood / corrupted / pawn Superman and Batman is just trying to stop him. Well, I did not see anything evil about Batman here & I don't think that it is only my Bat-love speaking. Bruce is doing what he deems is needed to curtain a threat to humanity.

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