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Superman against Thor

Superman might have heat

I would like to start by stating that according to me, Thor is one underutilized hero and Superman, well, a glorified one.

Superman is an alien.

Thor is a God.

" There was this one time when Superman defeated Thor in what was a super close encounter but the writers have acknowledged that it was because Superman possessed a slight advantage in a DC Universe."
(Superman - DC comics, Thor - Marvel Comics)

Lets talk about the powers of these mighty heroes and the way their characters have developed over time.


Man of Steel, Strongest man on planet, he needs no special introduction.
He is a house of energy with great powers that a common man can only dream of. His weaknesses are green Kryptonite, Magic (to some extent, it is said that he learnt how to tackle magic with the help of Wonder Woman) and electricity (nothing much, just to stun him).

Apart from possessing the mighty hammer Mjolnir which no other man or God can wield under normal circumstances, Thor is also the strongest(by strength and not overall power) God in Asgard and the best warrior too.
He can fly too folks, and can summon lightning and is the God of Thunder.
Weaknesses, well, he has been "portrayed" as arrogant and not so intelligent when angry.

Character Development:


We should start by giving due credit to the awesome name coined for the character. After all, how could Superman be anything but righteous and invincible? Also, he is the favorite son of the United States, embracing this world as his own.
We have to notice that his powers increased almost exponentially after his introduction in the 1930's with the writers making him so God'like' that he shuttled between galaxies just to ponder over things and relax. Also, post his death, he emerged even more powerful.


To start with, Thor has been portrayed as a villain too in alternate comic universes but it is Marvel's Thor who is always a hero.
Thor is said to love Earth but always needs a reason to risk a big fight, which is mostly his ego and pride.
He has no other known weakness but however, his feats are usually attributed to his possession of the mighty Mjolnir, which is not how one should develop a character in my humble opinion.

Head to Head Analysis:

Superman could deal infinitely fast and mighty blows which could leave Thor stunned. His heat vision could temporarily stop Thor but cannot destroy him. Thor's stamina is comparable to Superman's and they might fight for ages.

Thor can summon lighting which would temporarily stun Superman (electrocution), get himself some green Kryptonite and with the Mjolnir, he would be able to summon the Godforce/ Thorforce/ Odinforce that is known to even slay Gods (though it would leave him a bit weaker temporarily).

But, alas, Thor has been portrayed as a not so intelligent mighty warrior God who could lose his mind at times due to his arrogance and pride.

Summing up, I would say that both are righteous, inspiring, mighty Superheroes who would not fight since they share the interests of this world.

However, I would like to believe that Thor would win over Superman in what might be a grueling battle.

I am a huge fan of Superman and totally appreciate the fact that he is rated the No.1 Comic book Superhero. His righteousness, his will to serve the USA and the earth and his heroic deeds are unparalleled and inspire every kid towards choosing the right path.

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