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As seen in: The Ultimates 3 #5 (2008)

When Thor first debuted in Marvel's Ultimate Universe, he appeared to be an ordinary human who his gained tremendous strength and weather-controlling powers from technology. It wasn't until the end of The Ultimates 2 that Thor's divine status was confirmed and the gods of Asgard returned. Following that story, Thor reverted to a more traditional status quo and a more traditional version of Mjolnir.

But it wasn't long before Thor's hammer fell into the wrong hands. The Ultimates 3 brought about the deaths of both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, causing their father Magneto to spiral into grief. Magneto used his control over electromagnetism to steal Mjolnir and wield it himself. Essentially, he manipulated the environment around Mjolnir rather than truly lifting it himself.Hulk_Vol_2_5_Variant_Textless But the trick got results, as Magneto was able to use the hammer to make good on an old threat and reverse Earth's magnetic poles.

It should be pointed out that Magneto tried the same electromagnetism trick in the regular Marvel Universe and was unable to affect Mjolnir. Apparently Uru metal behaves differently depending where you live.

Superman_0119Red Hulk

As seen in: Hulk Vol. 2 #5 (2008)

Mjolnir's enchantment makes the hammer seem impossibly heavy to any who aren't worthy to hold it. But the problem with basing an enchantment around weight is that you need gravity as part of the equation. If you combine a super-strong villain with the lack of gravity in outer space, then suddenly Mjolnir isn't such a challenge.

Red Hulk proved this in an early appearance as he cut a path of destruction across the Marvel. U. As if stealing Silver Surfer's surfboard and punching the Watcher in the face weren't bad enough, Red Hulk went toe-to-toe with Thor and beat him with his own hammer. First the villain used the hammer's momentum to drag both of them into space, and then used the weightless environment to swing away. Thor looked about as surprised as most people reading the comic. It didn't necessarily endear Red Hulk to Thor fans, but the good news is that Thor handily won their rematch a couple years later.

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