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Thor and Superman VS Darkseid

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@sophia89 said: @pokeysteve said:

Did Sentry and Thor get massive upgrades?

Sentry is now free of his Agoraphobia(And I think his Schizophrenia got better)and he was given the death seed as well, he is far above worthy Thor now.

Thor on the other hand was nerfed, he no longer posses Mjolnir.

And that adds up to being able to beat Darkseid by himself? I don't read Sentry and am just asking.

Sentry is only weakness was his unstable mind, currently his illness are gone, so he is crazy powerful.

He one shotted Thor while holding back, getting his brain crushed does absolutely nothing to him, can fly so fast that Thor who flies light years in seconds nearly passed out from the speed alone, has TP&MM, Rogue who absorbed every hero on Earth to stop Existar the celestial was out done by Sentry by himself with less effort, he carried Existar who was bigger than Earth(Celestials suits are made from Vibernium) by himself and flew at FTL speeds.

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