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Thor defeats Superman

Look at this

Superman is obviously much stronger and has a much greater degree of

Thor possesses a magic weapon, to which Superman is probably
vulnerable. Although having said that Shazam's magic lightning has
hurt him, but not killed him..

Thor is a skilled warrior with superior fighting skills, and a never-say-die

Here's how I see it playing out. After a short exchange of words,
Thor strikes first, as he'd be first to get the tactical advantage.

Supes is surprised by how much that little Hammer and its lightning
blasts hurt him. He gets smacked around by Thor quite a bit, probably
tries to fly and gets blown around by hurricane force winds etc.

Anyway, eventually one of two things happens.

1) Supes realises that as fast as Thor's hammer is, he's a lot faster, and dodges Mjolnir, and punches Thor about as hard as he hit Zod, which should knock out the Thunder God (given what Kurse was able to do to him).

2) Supes, being a selfless and highly worthy individual, catches Mjolnir, in mid-flight, and surprise, surprise, he can lift it - possessing both the physical strength and strength of character. After sending a completely shocked Thor sprawling with a backhand, the Thunder God, after waking up a few moments later, is shocked a second time when Superman hands him back his hammer. Thor acknowledges Supes' greatness, and departs in defeat.

either way, Superman wins.

Now I know you Thor-maniacs out there are probably lining up to refute my little scenarios, but that's what forums like this are for.

BTW I loved Thor TDW, thought it was to Thor, what Dark Knight, was to Batman Begins. That's saying a lot, as you can probably tell, I'm more of a Super-fan, and have never really liked Thor that much - but I liked where this movie took him (and Hiddleston was amazing as Loki, best super-villain since McKellen's Magneto).

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