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Thor Meets Superman

Comic-Con 2013 is officially over, and we're just hitting the really grim part of our post-San Diego comedown, where we're not capable of doing much besides re-reading panel blogs and weeping quietly into our poster tubes.

To help us through the comedown, we're looking back on the ten coolest things that happened in Hall H on the movies front this year.

Tom Hiddleston on stage during the panel

Loki enslaves the Hall H audience
Saturday was arguably the greatest day for movies in Comic-Con history, and it wrapped up on a memorable note as Tom Hiddleston, in costume and in character as the villainous Loki, arrived to kick off the Marvel Studios panel.Batman vs. Superman While it ultimately emerged that he was there to introduce new footage from Thor: The Dark World, he first took the time to admonish the assembled crowd of sweaty, sleep-deprived nerds. "Humanity! Look how far you've fallen, " he cried. "Lining up in the sweltering heat. Huddling together in the dark like beasts!" After eliciting cheers, he mused: "It seems I have an army." More fool Chris Hemsworth for not showing up as Thor - he's got no chance against the Comic-Con crowd.

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence attend theThe first trailer for Godzilla debuts
Gareth Edwards's remake has been billed as a character-focused disaster movie, and judging by the first footage this is more than just a PR line. Edwards and his stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston were on hand to talk up the film, and all three actors described the film as having the feel of an independent project. The trailer's simultaneously emotional and action-packed, focusing on human responses to widespread carnage. It's also genuinely haunting - you can see exactly how the evocative mood footage which Edwards debuted at Comic-Con last year has translated into the actual movie.

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