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Thor meets superman
"Okay you were good till you said he was weaker then superman in durablility. That is a very false statement lets look back shall we??"

Actually I think I did great the whole way through. But sure lets look at my "false" statement.

"While superman flew to anti monitor he got b!tch slapped and hit the moon and was knocked out. One hit."

Which means?

"While superman was cosmically powered up he took one blast from galactus and was knocked out for three damn pages."

In a crossover? Which means what exactly?

"Superman gets downed by doomsdays hits."

Even in their first fight Superman was standing up to those hits and finally succumb to them, which doesnt prove that Thor is more durable, unless you've seen Thor fighting Doomsday in some comic and Thor stood unaffected by Doomsday's attacks.

"Now lets look at Thor"


"Thor has taken hits from living tribunal and gotten up, Thor has taken hits from one above all and gotten up."

Which means what? First to make sure everyone knows, the one above all you are referring to is the Celestial leader and not the most powerful being in the Marvel universe. Now what does it mean that he took a hit from the Living Tribunal or the Celestial One Above All? Do you know if they hit him with their full force? If they hit him with their full force, do you know if that is as much force as the Antimonitor or Doomsday hit Superman with? No. You couldnt possibly know whether it was as much force or less.

"Thor fought galactus twice. First time by himself and he WON! Second time he wasn't doing so hot but out of everybody in the battle field he was doing the best damage."

At the time that Thor won that battle, Galactus was being used as a measuring stick. That version of Galactus was considerably weaker than Galactus is now. You can not often compare a 60s version of a character with the current version as there is little consistency in either Marvel or DC as to the power levels of most of their characters.

"Superman got his skin burned off by a bomb and left to heal."

In one comic. In another one Superman easily withstood nuclear explosions and in another he withstood an explosion that wiped out a solar system.

"Thor took two nukes to the chest."

In one comic, while in others he is easily cut by bladed weapons.

"Thor took a bomb capable of destroying a planet while he was knocked out an landed unharmed in a large crater."

Again its another of Thor's higher end showings. If you look at their consistent durability showings, Superman is much more durable than Thor is.

"Superman is no where near as durable as Thor is. One day he might be. Some of his many versions yes but superman isn't a durable as Thor."

This is simply not true. At best you could argue that Thor approaches Superman's durability but looking at the vast number of their appearances, and I have followed both characters closely, Superman is decidedly more durable than Thor.

Youre using arguments that can't be supported, as Antimonitor and Galactus are not the same character, and so Superman being knocked out by Antimonitor and Thor not being knocked out by Galactus doesnt prove anything.

To make those arguments you would need at least the same character for both of them to have fought. Someone you ignored. Say Hulk. Hulk has been in several long, drawn out fights with Thor. Though Thor had great showings he has never had as good of showings against the Hulk as Superman has. But, again that doesnt mean anything. First off the Superman showings are crossovers, which are usually decided on popularity of the character, whether by fan vote or by the companies themselves not allowing their signature characters to look bad. Secondly there is no way to prove that the characters are using the same level of force against each other, so judging durability on how someone has stood up in combat is never a great way to do so. Besides one can always find scans of Thor being physically hurt by the Wrecking Crew, all of whom could only lift ten tons.

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