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Thor VS Superman comparison

Thor could use kryptonite and

Hotly debated topic in the comics community. Superman is the standard by which all other Superheros are judged. He has superhuman strength to match Captain Marvel. Flys nearly the speed of light. X-ray, heat, telescopic, microscopic vision. Superhearing. Hurricane level breath. Nearly invulnerable. Superspeed.
However, I think Thor blows him out of the water. Why? Here are my reasons:
1) Superstrength. I've heard a lot of people say Superman has the clear advantage here. I disagree. Thor has lifted a portion of the Midgard Serpent. He hurled the Odin-sword, a weapon of incalculable weight through a celestial. If anyone doesn't know what a celestial is, google it. They are unimaginably powerful beings, whose armor is of unknown compostion, presumably like Marvel's adamantium, which is unbreakable. Also, Thor recently inherited powers from both of his parents, Odin and Gaea, an elder goddess of the earth. The Odin-force allows Thor to tap into near limitless resources both cosmic and magical in nature that augment all his other abilities. This would include his already astronomical strength. Like the Hulk, there is technically no limit to Thor's strength. Belt of strength? Don't need it. Thor is clearly stronger than Superman now.
2) Extreme resistance to physical harm. You can make the God of Thunder bleed. But you had better be something extremely superhuman to do so. He is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures both hot and cold. However, I do think Supes is closer to invulnerable than Thor.
3) Superhuman reflexes. No brainer here. Power=force x velocity. Because Thor is so astronomically strong, there is going to be some carryover where speed is concerned. However, despite Thor's reflexes, the clear advantage, I believe, goes to Superman for speed.
4) Energy projection. Supes has heat ray vision which is super powerful. However, Mjolnir, Thor's magical, indestructible hammer, has the enormously powerful anti-force and the way more powerful godblast. Using the god-blast, Thor did the impossible by stopping an unstoppable Juggernaut in his tracks and also repelled Galactus with it. Galactus! Also, Thor's...

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